Looking for the Best CSS 3 Editors for Mac

CSS3 or its earlier versions made designing websites easier. In the old days you would have to put in a code for an element on each and every page of the website. For defining the font for example, you would have to put in the code on each page.

That would not be a problem if the website has a few pages, but when it comes to working on sites that are made up of hundreds and thousands of pages, that can be an absolute nightmare. CSS3 makes it possible to identify the thing that is supposed to be defined and apply that throughout the site.

The Use of CSS 3 editors for Mac

Now we come to the question of using editors for CSS3. What do we need it for when notepad can be used for the purpose of writing down the codes? The answer lies in the fact that these editors are fully loaded with all kinds of features. It allows you to work on codes even if you don’t know the full syntax. It would be next to impossible to remember the syntax for all of the properties in CSS3, so in that sense an editor is kind of indispensable.

Finding the Best Editor for Mac

One of the more important questions that you have to settle when you are choosing the right editor to use is the kind of operating system that you are using. While some editors can be used on all operating systems, most of the time you would have to be specific.

To help you out, here are some of the best CSS3 editors that you can use on Mac:


You wouldn’t be impressed by the way that this editor looks. What it lacks in appearance, it makes up in functionality. This is a cross platform editor which means it can be used on most if not all operating systems. It allows you to edit a whole file at once or you can choose a part and work on that instead. This is a no frills editor that could get the job done. The problem with JustStyle is that it’s too minimal that you cannot really rely on it for most of your work. It can be perfect for updating though and when you are on the go.

Simple CSS

This editor lives up to its name, because it really is very simple and bare bones. It comes as a freeware and it is a cross platform editor as well. The best thing about it is that it would allow you to tweak several projects at once. The biggest problem that you would encounter is that it lacks many features that are available on other editors.

Xyle Scope

Xyle Scope is originally intended as a website analysis tool, but it has excellent features that make it a good editor as well. If you want a full featured editor for Mac then this should be your choice.

These are just three of the best choices you have.