The Best CSS Editors for Mac

It wasn’t so long ago when the dominance of Windows based computers in the market was complete. Mac computers were something meant for diehard fans of Apple and the real techie users.

Things have started to change now. During the past few years, the number of Mac users has risen dramatically. The popularity of these devices is attracting even more users. That is why more and more developers are also shifting their focus on having their websites developed with Mac users in mind.

CSS editors for Mac

The rise in the number of Mac users and developers targeting Mac devices has raised awareness to the need for a CSS editor that is specifically meant for Mac. A CSS editor is used in correcting the code. While a regular notepad can serve the same purpose, it lacks the many features that one can get with a specifically designed editor.

The important thing to consider is the operating system of the device that you will be using. Some editors can be used on different platforms, but most of the time it is specific to a certain type of operating system. Those that are meant for Windows for example can’t be used on Mac. There are numerous CSS editors that can be used on Mac and we would just go through some of the best ones here:

Xyle Scope

This is a good tool when it comes to troubleshooting layouts that are problem filled. It is like a web browser that allows you to do editing. All that you have to do is to pick the elements that you want to change and you can alter it right there. The best thing about it is that you can view the results of any change that you have to do right away. The problem with it, is that it is basically an altered Safari. That means changes that you make with it might not stick with other browsers and the code view is rather limited.

CSS Edit

The thing about CSS edit is that it offers many excellent features to it. Using it would make the editing process a lot easier. On the left side bar you would find all of the selectors, while on the right side bar you could see the style editor and in the middle you would see the area where you can view the code. You can use it to view the methods used on other sites and in tweaking your own website. The biggest downside of CSS Edit is that it has too many features which actually make it a heavy application.


This is actually a Firefox extension. Once you have installed it, you would see an indicator on the browser referring to the site that you are viewing. It would actually tell you if the site that you are looking at is in a good condition or not. The biggest problem with Firebug is the fact that it is rather limited. You can’t really save the changes that you make on it.